Your Customized Weekly Schedule Template

Create your very own customized weekly schedule using one of the templates below!

Just click on the icon or the text and save either the Excel or the PDF version of the schedule to your computer. Use either of these documents as your template to get started! You can keep it simple or make it as detailed as you want.

If you are familiar with Excel, you may prefer to set up your schedule using the Excel document as your template so you can plan weeks in advance by simply adding worksheets.

Excel Schedule Template (Excel Version)

Otherwise, view and print the PDF to use as your guide to create your own customized document in whichever format you choose.

pdf1 Schedule Template (PDF Version)

How to use the Excel document

There are 3 worksheets:

‘Schedule Template’ is the main colour-coded template;

Schedule (date)’ is simply a copy of ‘Schedule Template’ in which to create your schedule while keeping your template clean; replace ‘(date)’ with ‘week of…’ and the current month and day.

‘Schedule Blank’ is more basic without the colour-coding if you want to play around with creating your own colour theme etc.

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