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TimeTrade: Meeting Scheduling Made Easy

timetrade logoIf you have ever wasted time going back and forth by phone or email trying to schedule an appointment with someone, you’ll appreciate the functionality of a reasonably priced tool called TimeTrade. I have been using this online scheduling tool for a couple of years now and have found it to be a quick and easy way to let people book appointments with me.

With TimeTrade Professional you simply create an ‘Activity’, give it a name and set the dates and times you’re willing to accept appointments for that activity. This generates a link that you can put in emails, on web pages, FaceBook etc. People click on the link to schedule an appointment with you.

You can create different meeting types and durations each with their own unique URL. You can also connect it to your Google or Outlook calendar.

Click here to find out more about TimeTrades features or for a free 30 day trial and make your meeting scheduling easier!

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