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Your business can be operating like a well-oiled machine, but if you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re going to be stressed out. It’s ironic that when things are going really well, we typically end up spending MORE hours on our jobs because we’re just having so much fun and we’re seeing all the fantastic benefits of hard work.

To be a healthy person, you need to be a well-rounded person. Here are a handful of tips to make sure your business isn’t taking over your life at the expense of your health and well-being:

Get a hobby.

You will probably laugh at this, thinking you don’t have time for a hobby. But the truth is, you don’t have time NOT to have a hobby! Whether it’s knitting, canoeing, genealogy, cooking, or grooming llamas, you need something that will provide balance to your life. There will be days when the business side of things isn’t going so well, and you will need an escape. Get a hobby before you’re forced to find one.

Get physical.

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again – regular exercise reduces anxiety, combats obesity, and makes you a nicer person to be around. If you are sitting on your rear in front of the computer most of the day, you have to find some way to move your body on a regular basis. It can be as simple as a 15 minute walk first thing in the morning, or as intense as a 2 hour gym workout. Just choose one and do it.

Get some rest.

I’m willing to bet that at least once in the past month, you’ve found yourself up way too late, finishing one last work project, answering one more email, or putting the finishing touches on one last product. On an occasional basis, these nocturnal escapades are no big deal, but burn the midnight oil night after night after night, and you’re frying yourself. Not only does sleep deprivation make you anxious, edgy and unable to think clearly, it also makes it harder for you to work at peak efficiency. Set a bedtime, and stick to it.


Connecting with those around you is critical to minimizing your stress. At the end of your life, you’re going to be worried more about the people you love and less about the business you created. Show your family and friends how important they are to you NOW by giving them their rightful share of your time. The bonus? It will calm your anxiety when you know you’re investing time where it’s going to matter most throughout your lifetime.

So now you know it’s important to make time to take care of yourself but you’re not sure how? Start by listing 3 personal commitments that involve time spent away from work-related activities. Remember to make commitments to yourself equally as often as you do to others.

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  • Maria Silvo

    Reply Reply January 7, 2013

    I so agree with this post and am guilty, most especially about getting some (actually) enough rest and connecting with family and friends. Being a work-at-home-mom, I find that the best time to work or catch up on set aside commitments is night time, between 10pm and 3am. That’s when I get the most done. On the downside, I get so tired at day time and could get cranky.

    So much to do for oneself BUT a must do for longevity. It takes commitment and action. Cheers!

    • Jennifer Hazlett

      Reply Reply January 7, 2013

      Hi Maria, Thanks for your comments! Yes, I too am guilty of the late nites (or should I say early mornings!) As a work from home mom these can often be the best chance for long stretches of quiet & focused work time – but in the long term a recipe for burnout. It certainly takes a conscious effort to maintain a good balance. All the best!

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