Take A Real Vacation With The VACA System

lake viewYou set your own hours and choose who you work with, however, as a solopreneur you may feel trapped in your business. If you can’t remember the last time you were able to get away on vacation then it’s time to have a look at putting a system in place that will allow you to take some much deserved time off.

Use the VACA system to create your back up plan allowing you to get away from time to time without your business suffering:

V = Virtual Assistant. Outsource your administrative tasks to a Virtual Assistant. By partnering with a professional who manages your core business functions regularly you are covered during periods of absence. A reputable VA can handle both the basic administrative and the highly technical functions of your business and almost everything in between. If you’re just getting started, hire someone to manage your voicemails and emails ensuring that customer service is uninterrupted. As your assistant learns your business she can proactively suggest more ways to help.

A = Align yourself with like business owners. Is there someone your clients can call on if they have an urgent request or to continue work on a project in your absence? Through online and offline networking you should be able to find someone with a similar work ethic who can take over for vacation or any period of extended absence. Then notify your clients in advance that you have handpicked a reliable associate that is available to assist them if required. You could arrange this as a subcontractor relationship or even negotiate a barter.

C = Create processes. Document your processes on a regular basis. List all the things that you do in your business with step by step instructions. This only has to be done once and refined when necessary. Do this for each client, product or process. Your Operations Manual will be a useful tool to anyone providing back up in your absence and if you outsource to a VA. It shortens the learning curve and is a valuable reference and time saving tool.

A = Automate your business. Set up a shopping cart system that integrates with your website. Anytime someone wants to make a purchase from you it’s a simple click of the mouse. If you are communicating regularly with your clients, you can schedule your weekly newsletter in advance to send to your list while you’re away at the cottage. All this and more can be done within the shopping cart.

Once you have set up your VACA system, the business can run without you to a certain degree. Now you can concentrate on other aspects of your business that will allow your company to grow and you to achieve the freedom you deserve and take a real vacation.

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