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Get more control over your communications with an email newsletter!

Do you have a good following on social media but it just isn’t converting into the sales you want and deserve?
Are you spending too many hours on social media and still aren’t engaging enough to translate followers into prospects?
Are Facebook changes making it harder to reach your fans?
Are you worried about your lack of a mailing list to market to?
Just getting started with your newsletter? Setting up an ezine for a client? Not sure where to begin?


Newsletter Starter Kit: Create Your Stay In Touch System For Building Relationships And Growing Your Business

For Business Owners (And Virtual Support Professionals Assisting Clients), This Kit Will Guide You Through The Process Of Getting Your (Or Your Clients’) Newsletter Ready To Launch So You Can Grow Your List And Profit.


Newsletter Starter Kit
(3 checklists, 5 templates, 7 cheatsheets)


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*plus applicable tax for Canadian residents

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At the hub of your email marketing, sending out a newsletter on a regular basis leaves a lasting impression about your company.

e-newsletterA consistent newsletter mailing is one of the best ways to develop relationships with prospects and therefore help sell services and products to those who have come to know, like and trust you.

By publishing a regular newsletter and sharing relevant and timely content with your community, you are positioning yourself as an expert.

Unlike Social Media, Newsletters have a personal feel to them because they arrive in your prospects’ inbox.

“Launching a Newsletter Sounds Like a Lot of Work – I’m Already Feeling Overwhelmed!  Where Do I Begin?

Of course it sounds like a lot of work when you’ve already got far too much on your plate. That’s why I made it really easy by packaging together all the templates, checklists and cheatsheets you’ll need and referencing the tools and resources I use in my business and with my clients.

I break the whole process down into two parts: The Set Up and The System

It will only take a short time to work through and before you know it, you too will be publishing your Newsletter on a regular basis.

The complete “Newsletter Starter Kit” contains 15 Templates, Checklists and Cheatsheets that make it easy to get started AND keep the momentum going.

*It should be noted that this is NOT a technical how-to manual. For the not so tech savvy, you can outsource the implementation process and the ongoing management of this project to a Virtual Support Professional. There are a number of Online Marketing and Technical Support experts and professionals such as Virtual Assistants that specialize in custom Newsletter creation and distribution to help you achieve your goals. Consider hiring an expert to set up and manage your Newsletter.


The contents of your Newsletter Starter Kit are divided into two parts:
1. The Set Up – for the creation and set up of your newsletter, getting organized around a schedule and statistics tracking
2. The System – for the ongoing management of your newsletter

Here’s what you get:

The Set Up

Getting Started To Do List 11.  Getting Started To Do List – Use this checklist to help you put the pieces together that will become your unique newsletter.  Includes all the Technical, Practical and Creative elements that you will need to consider as well as email marketing etiquette and guidelines.

2.  Creating And Profiting Goals Checklist – Use this handy checklist to make sure you’ve covered all your bases in order to meet your goals and get results from your newsletter: identify your target audience; create a content plan; provide value; put the right tools in place; spread the word; examine analytics.

3.  Required Information Record – Use this form with checklist to record important information that you will need for setting up your newsletter.  The information gathered from working through the “Getting Started To Do List” will be entered here as well.

Publishing Schedule Template4.  Publishing Schedule Template – Use this spreadsheet as your planning tool to stay organized and consistent by laying out publishing dates, frequency, topics and content all in advance.  There is space to plan for up to 5 issues per month.  The PDF version is in 2 files (Page 1: Jan-Jun and Page 2: Jul-Dec).

5.  Statistics Tracking Template – Use this spreadsheet with 3 worksheets to track analytics to see what’s working in order to ‘rinse and repeat’ or ‘course correct’ and stay on track to meet your goals.  The PDF version is in 3 files (Newsletter Stats, Open Rates and Click Tracking).

The System

6.  Writing Inspiration – Use this cheatsheet to find constant streams of inspiration from a variety of sources and continually create content that provides value.

Free Online Tools7.  Ideas For Content – For those times when you are stuck about what to write about, this cheatsheet provides content ideas.

8.  Options For Content – This cheatsheet lists resources for articles when you lack the motivation or the time to write but you need quality content fast.

9.  Repurposing Content – Easily repurpose and monetize what you write for list growth and sales with the suggestions in this cheatsheet.

10. Tips, Tricks And Tools – This cheatsheet outlines the simple tools that you need in place to support you with content creation.

11. Quick Writing Technique – Follow this article writing cheatsheet step-by-step when you’re short on time and need content quick.

12. Article Outline Template – Use this simple fill-in-the-blanks template to quickly build the framework for any article.

13. Standard Article Template – This template will guide you through step-by-step to easily put together any article.

Article Template Problem Solution14. Problem And Solution Article Template – Use this guided template to build an article showcasing your expertise that offers solutions to a problem.

15. Free Online Tools – Refer to this helpful cheatsheet of free online tools and resources for inspiration, title suggestions and where to find images to enhance your content.


Business Owners and Virtual Professionals who provide email marketing services to their clients will love this toolkit of templates, checklists and cheatsheets!



Newsletter Starter Kit
(3 checklists, 5 templates, 7 cheatsheets)


Ready to get started?

*plus applicable tax for Canadian residents

Note: Once you complete the payment process, you’ll immediately receive download instructions in your email inbox. All sales are final.


Who is this Toolkit for?

Business Owners:

• save time and frustration trying to figure out this newsletter thing all on your own
• have everything you will need in order to get started clearly documented
• if you’ve hired an expert to handle the implementation, simply provide them with the completed information forms and it’s off your plate
• stay on track to meet your goals with analytics tracking and you’ll see what’s working in order to rinse and repeat or course correct
• stay organized and consistent with a publishing schedule
• always know when you are publishing next and never miss an issue
• have a constant stream of inspiration to help you continually create content that will provide value to your readers
• enhance your writing to appeal to your readers with resources for catchy email subject lines, images to enhance your articles and using the best words to help you communicate effectively
• have an article writing process to follow when you’re short on time
• learn ways you can repurpose, repackage, market and sell your content to get the most mileage out of each article you write
• use fill-in-the-blank article writing templates to help you produce articles with minimal effort
• improve your writing and speed with tips, tricks and tools for creating high quality content quickly and easily
• use tips and suggestions when you are stuck about what to write about
• find out about other options for content when you would rather invest your energy in other business activities

Virtual Assistants:

• save hours of back-and-forth in email communication with your client with the easy implementation tools
• clients know exactly what information to provide to you and have a place to document it for easy access during set up
• provide a valuable service by working through the checklists with your client ensuring a smooth and successful newsletter launch
• use the toolkit over and over again with each new client when providing email marketing services demonstrating your expertise and efficiency
• develop your own online newsletter with this toolkit providing even more value to your clients
• keep yourself and your clients organized and on time with a publishing schedule, avoiding the dreaded last minute rush
• provide further support to clients by repurposing their content into products for sale and increasing their bottom line

Your website and/or social media alone cannot help you develop the type of ongoing relationship with your contacts that your newsletter will.

If you’re ready to take action and commit to establishing your stay-in-touch system with a newsletter, grab your toolkit and get started today with one of the best ways to market and grow your business!