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Attention Small Or Home-Based Business Owners…
Are You In Need Of Help To Get Your Business Going, Growing or Back On Track?
Let me help you get your road map started!
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Perhaps you don’t need help on an ongoing basis; you just need to find ways to restructure what and how you’re doing things to achieve the results you want. I work with you to determine what needs to happen to get where you want to be. Whether that is to get organized, manage your time better or market and grow your business, we will talk through ways you can manage these issues more effectively.  How?

  1. With a pre-session questionnaire to help identify the key area(s) to focus on
  2. Then up to 50 minutes on the phone strategizing and discussing ideas to put your plan together (all calls are recorded so you can listen back later and make notes)
  3. Optional – A customized step-by-step action plan listing your next steps detailing what you can do, why and how to get it done


Here are some ideas of what we can cover in your Strategy Session:

  • Implement simple systems to manage your most pressing organizational challenges.
  • Create a customized schedule to effectively manage your time and run your business more efficiently.
  • Develop strategies to help eliminate your email overwhelm.
  • Optimize the use of technology to make things easier for you.
  • Gain control over your biggest time wasters and free up more time for what’s important.
  • Restructure your boundaries and expectations to achieve work, life and family balance.
  • Plan marketing strategies that will help boost your business and grow your list.
  • Ways to manage your issues more effectively and keep your stress to a minimum.
  • How to get on track (or back on track) in order to move ahead.

YES! I’m ready to get started!
How do I schedule my session with you?

Just click the ‘Add ‘To Cart’ button for the option
you choose to purchase your personalized session.
You’ll then receive an email to schedule your time with me.


$225* for one 50 minute session including written Action Plan


$150* for one 50 minute phone session only

*plus applicable tax for Canadian residents

Note: With both options the call is recorded so you can listen back later.


There are just a few session times available each month
Tuesday through Thursday, subject to availability.
Please book your session only if you are available during these times.

Here’s what will happen when you book your Strategy Session:

  • After you place your order, you’ll receive an email to book your session date and time
  • Upon confirmation I will send you a pre-session questionnaire to fill out & return
  • The phone call takes place focusing on your specific area of difficulty
  • After the call you’ll receive your customized action plan (with Option #1) and a digital recording of the session (with both options)

Still not sure if this is for you?

If you’re a small or home-based business owner and can relate to any of the following statements, then this is just the help you have been waiting for!

  • “I’m having trouble keeping myself organized.”
  • “I have a specific marketing problem I want to solve.”
  • “I know where my business needs to go, but can’t quite figure out how to get there.”
  • “I need solid strategies and a workable plan.”
  • “I want to enjoy less stress and more success.”
Why Should you Work with Me?

Moya Collins“My biggest challenge that I was faced with, was having my products and knowing how I wanted to help people, but not knowing how or where to begin. I met with Jen, she asked me direct questions, I gave her honest answers and within days I had my plan of action and best of all… it came in the way of baby steps! I no longer feel overwhelmed. Now when I sit at my desk, I know how long I am to be there and what I need to accomplish. This is helping me to build my business and most importantly, allowing me more time to spend with my clients. And for that, I am ever so thankful.”

Moya Collins
Owner/Skin Therapist
Cover it up…

Kathryn Hotte“I was becoming bogged down with a lot of stuff and needed ideas as to how to organize it all, what to do to get everything done and if there were things someone else could do. Jennifer was able to pinpoint where I needed to focus and what I needed to do to get back on track. She was able to plan a road map, recommend other resources and provide a template to get me going with a schedule right away. In addition, she encouraged and reminded me of why I am an entrepreneur to begin with and that it’s not only about planning my business time, it’s also about planning family time and personal time, if you don’t take care of ‘you’ then you don’t have a business. Overall a really great service for anyone wishing to get back on track, get some great tools and resources and reassess their priorities. Highly recommend it.”

Kathryn Hotte
President/Chief Learning Officer, Hotte Training
Owner/President, EZparty
Director Marketing, Durham Home & Small Business Association

Elizabeth Tobin“Working with Jen has made a huge positive difference in my business. She is quick, thorough, accurate, and most importantly — trustworthy. I’m no longer bogged down by administrative details. Now I am able to focus on the creative projects that I love and this keeps me energized. I have more time to devote to the things that I am the expert at in my business. Thanks to Jen, I am more organized, do advance planning and manage my time better.”

Elizabeth Tobin, JD
Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner

Chef Selwyn Richards“Jennifer’s assistance has been invaluable. Her organizational skills have enabled me to focus on growing the business. She has helped tremendously in upgrading our corporate image. Jennifer is very professional and approachable and I would highly recommend her services.”

Selwyn Richards
President and Executive Chef
The Art of Catering Inc

Linda Cattelan“Jennifer has been instrumental in driving my visibility and business performance to new levels. Jennifer looks for opportunities to make you and your business as efficient as possible. She works alongside you getting to know you and your business needs utilizing her creativity to encourage you to try new things or to step outside the box from time to time. I appreciate the recommendations she has made and the tremendous support she has provided me. Through a co-active and collaborative partnership, she has made a significant impact and a powerful difference in my business.”

Linda Cattelan, MBA, CPCC, MNLP
Professional & Life Coach, Speaker & Author
Results Catalyst Inc

Corey McCusker“Before working with Jennifer I was struggling with organization and scheduling of my newsletter and marketing. I seemed to be all over the map juggling many things at once. I needed a plan to keep me focused. Jennifer provided me with strategies, templates and guidelines to map out and manage my marketing and to plan my newsletter publishing schedule. Lots of great tools for me to apply! Jennifer asked great questions and provided excellent suggestions on business solutions and ideas to generate more business. I’m looking forward to being able to integrate these into my marketing plan.”


Corey McCusker
Your Mind Matters

I look forward to connecting with you soon!


Jennifer Hazlett
Business Support Specialist
Alternate Admin