Say NO To Stress

Stop stressing – become the boss of your time and make your workday much more fun!

Are you working too much and wishing you had more time for fun, relaxation and personal enjoyment?
Are you burned out from working too many hours a day and too many days a week?
Do you feel like you can’t take time away from your business and you don’t (and friends and family are noticing this too)?
Are you spending less time on your core revenue generating and business building tasks and it’s costing you money?
Are key administrative functions that keep your business running not getting completed?


Just Say NO To Work-at-Home Stress And Get Organized For Success!

The Program That Gives You Everything You Need To Know To Reduce
Stress, Increase Productivity And Enjoy Owning A Successful Business.



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Dear Fellow Solopreneur,

We all have busy lives and plenty of obligations.  And stress is a fact of life, particularly for work-at-home entrepreneurs who, because we’re sometimes blazing new and unfamiliar territory, tend to shoulder a lot of burden.  We like to be in control, we like to be productive and we like to do things on our own.

While these are all admirable qualities, when taken to the extreme, they can end up costing us in terms of sleepless nights, stress-ridden days and lost efficiency.

That’s why I prepared this e-course – to address some of the greatest sources of stress for work-at-home professionals, and to share with you what you can do to alleviate, and learn from, your stress.

Stress is unavoidable in the work-at-home life – but it doesn’t have to overwhelm you.

It has become a passion of mine to help business owners like you to recognize that yes, stress is unavoidable in the work-at-home life – but it doesn’t have to overwhelm us. There are things we can do to help mitigate its detrimental effects. So I have designed this training program to offer you the opportunity to make your small or home-based business the best it can possibly be!

Throughout the training I answer the questions I get asked over and over again from people like you…

•    How do I to get organized?
•    How can I put boundaries in place?
•    How do I figure out what to outsource and when?
•    How do I divide my time between client work, working on my business and making time for family, friends and myself?
•    How can I make and follow a schedule?
•    How can I get and stay consistent and see results from my efforts?
•    How can I find time to build and grow my business?
•    When will I get out of this state of overwhelm?

There are six lessons to this self-study delivered by email, one lesson per week for six weeks, including exercises to help you implement what you learn! :)

As a business owner myself, I understand the day-to-day challenges and demands of operating a business while juggling family and personal life. In my role as an Online Business Manager, I manage the work and the team for my clients in order to get stuff done and support the growth of the businesses I work with. I also offer consulting thru strategy phone calls and VIP Days. I put this training together as another way of providing support and to continue to encourage solopreneurs like you along your journey to a successful business – and life! I have used the same approach in my own business and with my clients and these are strategies that will give you results if you apply them.

ENROL TODAY! Learn the why, the what and the how to eliminating your stress and getting organized for success in your business.


Just Say NO To Work-at-Home Stress
And Get Organized For Success!

Price: $97*

*plus applicable tax for Canadian residents

Note: Once you complete the payment process, you’ll receive the first installment immediately in your email inbox.


Topics include: 

•    Working From Home And Owning Your Own Business
•    Managing Time Effectively
•    Get Back In Control
•    Setting Boundaries
•    Warding Off The Time Vampires
•    Outsourcing
•    Taking Care Of You
•    Support Systems
•    Creating A Customized Schedule

This is much more than a few tips and suggestions. Each week you will learn strategies and take action steps for reducing stress and getting organized for a more balanced business and personal life.

You’ll get:

•    six lessons delivered by email, one lesson per week for six weeks
•    weekly exercises that help you apply what you’re reading
•    worksheets to print out so you can write your responses while you go through the exercises
•    a scheduling template to create your very own customized fill-in-the-blank schedule to follow once the groundwork is done
•    tips and suggestions to make life less stressful
•    tools and strategies for managing time and getting organized
•    plans for implementing strategies you’ve never tried before
•    freedom to study when, where and how you want – at your desk, on your laptop, home office or away, electronically or by printing the material
•    the material is yours to review over and over again
•    a guarantee that if you use this course in its entirety and it doesn’t work for you, you get your money back

Not Sure Yet? Here Are Some Great Extras

*BONUS*  To complement the work in this e-course, I have added bonus exercises between lessons.  We’ll do an exercise on mindset and another on simple solutions to some common problem home office scenarios.  And you’ll even receive accountability emails from me throughout the training to keep you on track.

Who is this program for?

It is for small business owners and solopreneurs with a home based business who are ready to take action and commit to becoming the boss of their time so that they can be more productive and make more money, help more people, build their business and gain a more orderly, balanced and enjoyable business & personal life.

As much as I want you to take this program, I also want you to make sure you’re ready.

This program is not for:

•    People who don’t understand the value of controlling how they spend their time in order to create the success they want.
•    People who are not willing to make adjustments to make their goals achievable.
•    People who are not willing to eliminate their time wasters.
•    People who aren’t serious about applying what they’ve learned.
•    People who won’t take action.

If you’re serious about learning how to be in charge of your time and getting a handle on stress so you can achieve and maintain a more effective, organized and efficient, profit-generating business, then enrol now and start taking action!

Yes! Jen, I want to be in charge of
my time and get a handle on stress.

I understand this course includes:

• six lessons delivered by email
• weekly assignments
• worksheets
• fill-in-the-blank scheduling template
• tips and suggestions to make life less stressful
• tools and strategies for managing time and getting organized
• plans for implementing strategies
• 2 bonus exercises
• accountability emails from you throughout the training
• all learning materials are mine to keep
• a money back guarantee


*plus applicable tax for Canadian residents

Click Here to Enrol Now

Note: Once you complete the payment process, you’ll receive the first installment immediately in your email inbox.


During this course I will walk you thru step-by-step so you can:

•    get your priorities straight and know what needs to happen to achieve the goals you set
•    examine how you’re spending your time now and learn how to get control of that
•    get strategies to deal with the reality that yes, you can do a lot, but you can’t do it all
•    learn how to maintain an even keel for the things beyond your control
•    find out how to become the boss of your time
•    learn what to do when your kids, spouse, neighbours, friends etc perception of you is that you’re there sitting at your desk in your home office, available to everyone at a moment’s notice (perhaps you wanted to work at home so you COULD be available to your family, but what are the limits?)
•    eliminate your time wasters – the vampires that are sucking the life out of your day
•    get clearer on what you need help with
•    look at the ways you need to let go and start outsourcing or delegating tasks (yes even solopreneurs need help)
•    make personal commitments that involve time spent away from work-related activities keeping you feeling healthy and fulfilled
•    look at options for creating your support system to connect with the world outside of your home office
•    begin applying the strategies and action steps you’ve learned and the information you’ve gathered
•    build a customized schedule to help put you on the path to increased productivity and a more enjoyable work life, less stress and more success.

If you’re working toward alleviating your stress, gaining control of your time and productivity and you know this program is for you, then enrol now to start making positive change in your business and your life!


Your Money-Back Guarantee

I want to make this an easy investment for you so I am offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you read the “Just Say NO To Work-at-Home Stress And Get Organized For Success” self-study in its entirety, commit yourself to the process, complete all the assignments and take all the action steps and are unsatisfied with the information, contact me within 30 days of completion and I’ll refund your purchase. I’ll also ask for your feedback on how to improve it, but otherwise no questions asked.

I look forward to helping you become the boss of your time, minimize your stress, get organized, be successful and enjoy what you’re doing a whole lot more! Click the order link above and we’ll get started right away.



Jennifer Hazlett, Certified Online Business Manager