Self-Study Programs

The Psychology Of Marketing – How To Ethically Persuade People To Buy From You

Are you putting out great offers and your customers just aren’t paying attention?
Are you struggling to figure out how to effectively communicate how your products and services truly meet your target audience’s needs?
Do you feel like you don’t fully understand what your target market is thinking and feeling as it relates to your products and services?
Are you having trouble convincing people that you’re the one they want to buy from, learn from and trust with their wallet?
Do you hate the idea of manipulating customers with traditional tactics used by unethical advertisers?

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Just Say No to Work at Home Stress & Get Organized For Success

Are you working too much and wishing you had more time for fun, relaxation and personal enjoyment?
Are you burned out from working too many hours a day and too many days a week?
Do you feel like you can’t take time away from your business and you don’t (and friends and family are noticing this too)?
Are you spending less time on your core revenue generating and business building tasks and it’s costing you money?
Are key administrative functions that keep your business running not getting completed?

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Timesaving Template Toolkits

Newsletter Starter Kit

Do you have a good following on social media but it just isn’t converting into the sales you want and deserve?
Are you spending too many hours on social media and still aren’t engaging enough to translate followers into prospects?
Are Facebook changes making it harder to reach your fans?

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