Partnering with a VA

Whether you are starting or expanding your business, it is a great way to get the work done while giving you more time to concentrate on your business, generating revenue & doing what you like to do & what you are good at.

Working with a Virtual Assistant (VA):

  • is more cost effective than hiring full-time staff or spending your own time on administrative tasks, you pay only for time spent on your tasks
  • eliminates all the associated costs of hiring an employee i.e. insurance, sick pay, office space and equipment as the services are performed “virtually” or “offsite” on a contractual basis
  • allows you to focus on your business while your VA takes care of the time-consuming administrative chores

As an added benefit, Alternate Admin:

  • is committed to continual development and training, in order to provide you with the best assistance possible
  • has access to an expanding support base of other Virtual Assistants – an invaluable resource that can help me assist you better
  • has a vested interest in your success, you will be interacting with a highly skilled and experienced administrative professional who is working with you to help you succeed
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