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My Word Is Simplicity

Complicated or simpleWhat do you resolve to do this year? Do you make resolutions? Having practiced yoga for 10 years I’ve learned another style of resolution-making. It is repeating a mantra or making an intention. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the start of a new year to choose a mantra; however, as the new year was approaching I started considering what my new mantra would be. It came quite naturally to me as I had already chosen my word – simplicity. Why simplicity? Well, it came from a sticky note I’ve stared at on my computer for the last couple of months with this quote: Complexity is the enemy of cash flow. So in the spirit of making things less complicated and letting go of the need to be perfect, I choose the antonym of the word complexity which is simplicity. I mean, our lives are complex enough. Who couldn’t use more simplicity, more flow in work and life and as the quote promises – more cash as a result?

From the word came my mantra “I practice simplicity”. I’ll repeat this phrase often throughout the day and especially at those times when I need to step away from my perfectionist tendencies. I may even make a point of meditating for short periods of time and repeating this mantra. It is said that when a mantra is repeated daily and during meditation, that this repetition reinforces the intention. I have found this to be true in the past when my word was ‘patience’. This type of consistency gives you a good chance at success. Give it a try! And since we’re talking simplicity here, I really like the idea of choosing one word. For example, if things are getting too complicated I can easily repeat the one word to get grounded again.

How will I use this mantra in my business? I will use it to create and offer more products and programs and services to fellow business owners, customers and clients to help them and you enjoy less stress and more success. I will not hold back on these offerings because the sales page is not quite perfect yet or stall because I have so much busy work waiting to be done, like clearing out my inbox. That would not be doing anyone any favours. I want you to have the opportunity to benefit from my offerings so I have to get them out there and in doing so I’m fulfilling my mission to help while growing my business.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~Leonardo da Vinci

What’s your resolution style? Have you chosen a word? I used to loosely make resolutions and I tended not to share them. I could never understand the person who needed to tell everyone about their resolution especially when it was something they wanted to stop doing. Like a Facebook friend of mine who decided a few years ago to quit smoking for example. They put it out there every day with posts like “Day #3 haven’t had a cigarette” and “I’m doing this for (insert family member here)”. And there would be several Facebook comments cheering on the soon-to-be ex-smoker.

Firstly, for some reason that style of resolving to not do something really confuses me. I understand that there is an element of support there by telling others, however, when it’s something you no longer want to do, like in the example (smoking), I think it makes it more difficult. Because the more you focus on a thing and discuss it, the more it is top of mind. Therefore, isn’t it more difficult not to do? I think if I chose “I practice not making things complex” over “I practice simplicity” I would be too much in the “complex” realm. So for quitting smoking I’m not sure how to put a positive spin on it. Perhaps “I make healthy choices”. Or maybe that’s too broad.

Secondly, my Facebook friend was quitting smoking for a family member. For me my goals are more personal. I expect to achieve my goal from the inside out rather than being cheered on. Yes, others will benefit from the goal once achieved but it starts with something I want to change, not someone else’s request.

Well, I don’t know if my Facebook friend was ever successful in the long term but I do hope so. I wonder if different styles of resolution-making work for different personalities? Or is one way better than the other? Is there a fool-proof style that will work for everyone?

In any case, I hope I’ve inspired you to pick a word. If so, what is it and why? What actions will you take to create the change? And remember, it’s never too late to pick your word. You can start any day of the year.

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