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If you need a little help coming up with a catchy title for an article or blog post you’ve written, then check out Linkbait Generator. It’s described as a really handy tool to brainstorm ideas.

What is “linkbait”? Matt Cutts who works on search quality at Google defines “linkbait” as something interesting enough to catch people’s attention. A creative headline, interesting data or controversial content that generate interest and give people a reason to link to you attracting more visitors to your site.

Here’s how Linkbait Generator works:

Let’s say you’re trying to come up with a title for an article or blog post and the keyword is ‘Procrastination’. Go to Linkbait Generator, type in your keyword(s) and click ‘Generate’ for title suggestions. Each time you click ‘Generate’ you will get another title suggestion for the keyword(s) you entered.

To give you an idea of the wide range of title suggestions you’ll get, here are a dozen from my example using ‘Procrastination’:

8 ways Procrastination has been involved in political scandals

8 ways Procrastination can be used as a weapon

This is what Procrastination looks like

6 bits of Procrastination advice that will land you in the hospital

The 10 commandments of Procrastination

8 things you think you understand about Procrastination but you really don’t

5 life lessons learned from Procrastination

7 things about Procrastination that science can’t explain

10 ways that civilization could collapse because of Procrastination

10 of the best Procrastination movies of all time

The only 7 Procrastination resources you will ever need

10 surprising ways Procrastination will be different in 20 years

You’ll find that some titles are completely irrelevant or silly while others could quite likely be used or tweaked to suit the article you’ve written. Some are even a little racy which I didn’t include here.

Linkbait Generator is a fun and free tool to get the ideas flowing when you’re stuck. Why don’t you give it a try!

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