It Pays To Invest Your Time Wisely

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As business owners we need to ensure that we accomplish at least one revenue generating activity on a daily basis. Generally, when operating a small service-based business there are multiple revenue streams: active (one on one client work); leveraged (working with a group as in leading a training program) and passive (creating and selling a product).

For me, keeping on top of tasks for clients is a priority. They are my bread and butter and I am highly committed to helping their businesses grow and prosper. I’m sure this is the case for most business owners. Amongst these and all the other demands on our time, it can be a challenge to fit in other activities that generate revenue in a more indirect way. So how can we be active in building our businesses while continuing to serve our clients?

I received a great tip at a networking event that I’d like to share with you and that is to do one revenue generating (business building) task at the start of each day. This way it will get done before you get caught up in your usual daily routine.

What should you do in this time? Here are a number of suggestions that will directly or indirectly help to increase your revenue and build your business:

Write an article or blog post geared to your target market that solves a problem for them

Submit the article to the directories and generate more traffic to your site

Read a chapter in a business book – learn and apply new marketing techniques

Attend an online or onsite workshop, seminar or training session – you’ll have more to offer with ongoing education

Create a free offer (your ‘pink spoon’) – people love getting something of value for nothing and are more likely to buy from you when they like your sample

Attend a business networking event and learn the secrets of other successful business owners

Network online – encourage followers to sign up for your free offer and grow your mailing list

Follow up with a client and increase your value to existing customers

Phone a prospect and discuss how you can work together

Affiliate marketing – recommend a product or service you believe in and earn commissions on resulting sales while helping others

What can you add to this list? Plan to spend a half an hour to an hour first thing each day completing at least one of the above or similar tasks. Think of this time as an investment in yourself and watch your business grow.

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