Instant Screenshots And Screencasts With Jing

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A picture is worth a thousand words. How many times have you heard that?! But it’s true.

Jing is a free tool you can use to share an image or ‘how to’ video with a client, colleague, friend or family member. Jing calls this ‘taking a capture’ and it’s the fastest way to show something on your screen to others show-and-tell style.

Using Jing, I made a short (2 minute) video for you here demonstrating another free tool. Resize Your Image gives you the ability to resize, crop and rotate your image or use to decrease the size of a large file for emailing purposes.

Want to give Jing a try? Download and install Jing and sign up for (a hosting service from TechSmith). You get 2 GB of storage and 2 GB of bandwidth/month for free. Your content is private and you choose who can see it.

How does Jing work? After installation Jing launches as a yellow sun image at the top of your computer screen. Hover over the sun image for options: Capture, History or More. Then select only the area of your screen that you want captured. From the menu choose to capture your image or record your video (there is a 5 minute time limit). Then save, copy or share your captured image or video. Simple to follow instructions in pdf format are available to download

You’ll find that Jing does nice recordings and works great for quick videos and demos for your smaller projects when you don’t need the ability to edit or enhance. Check out Jing’s free version here.

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