How To Make A Header With Clickable Social Media Links

Angela & EllaMy friend and colleague, Angela Wills of, just created a really cool training video that shows you how to add clickable social media icons to your WordPress website header. (Here’s Angela and her sweet baby girl at our recent luncheon meeting to discuss work on a client’s website – gotta love home-based business owner meetings!)

If you’ve ever wondered how to make pieces of an image (images within an image) clickable, watch Angela’s demo. All you need is a graphics program like Gimp or Photoshop to edit the image to create what’s called an image map.

I love how Angela makes something that seems impossible, easy to understand and yes, possible!

If you want to learn more from Angela check out her Self-Study: Website Headers Mini Course

Receive $10 off the price of the training when you use coupon code fiveseconds The five seconds refers to how much time you typically have to capture someone’s attention when they land on your website. :)

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