How To Make A Gravatar

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Are you an Anonymous User who would rather show your smiling face than hide behind an icon like the image to the right?

If so then read on to learn how to create the little picture that shows up by your name when you comment on blog posts. It’s called a Gravatar (G for ‘Globally’, R for ‘Recognized’, Avatar – a picture or logo), it’s free and you can have your very own within about five minutes.

  • Go to

  • Click on ‘Get your Gravatar today’

  • Enter your email address to create your account

  • Verify the email to activate the account

  • Finish creating your account with a user name and password

  • Upload an image from your computer. You can use your logo or a picture of yourself. Personally I prefer pictures over logos.

  • Crop and finish your image

You’re done! Now the next time you post a comment somewhere online, your image will show up next to it.


*The website owner must have Gravatars turned on for your image to show up (most do).

*A Gravatar is based on an email address. If you want different Gravatars for different places, use different email addresses to upload different images.

Instead of being anonymous, create your Gravatar today!

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