How To Keyword Optimize Your Articles For Better Search Engine Positioning

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If you find the terms Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization baffling, then check out the following resource that simplifies and systemizes the whole process.

First, go to IdeaMarketers is a highly recommended article directory where you can submit your articles and other content as a cost-effective marketing strategy for your business.

Part way down the page you will see two embedded videos. In the first video, Owner and President of IdeaMarketers, Marnie Pehrson demonstrates how to methodically do keyword research and track the results. Then Marnie further explains how to integrate keywords to optimize an article.

Here are step by step instructions of the keyword research portion of the video to keep for future reference. These point form notes will make sense once you have viewed the video:

1. Go to Google AdWords Keyword Tool

2. Click ‘Include Terms +’.

3. Under Match Types check ‘Exact’.

4. Type your keywords into the ‘Word or phrase’ box. For example type “Email list building”. Click ‘Search’.

5. Document the Keyword Phrases (what keywords best relate to the phrase you searched on) in the first column of a table you have created in Excel.

6. Add the number of global searches in the next column of your table under the heading ‘Searches’.

7. Next, Google search the exact keywords you have collected using “quotation marks” and type the number of results in the third column of your table under the heading ‘Competition’.

8. When you have collected all your information in your table, sort by ‘Searches’ descending and ‘Competition’ descending.

9. Compare results of ‘Searches’ vs. ‘Competition’.

10. Select keyword phrases to use that are high in ‘Searches’ and low in ‘Competition’ and highlight these as being optimal for use in your article.

Now when you create an article for submission to the directories or to post on your blog, use a catchy title and use a couple of the keyword phrases you have found to be optimal, but don’t overdo it. You want your article to make sense and read well. As a general rule your keyword can appear about 25 times maximum in a 500 word article (about 5%). And remember, for best results use the most searched for keywords with the least competition.

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