How Does Your To Do List Compare To Your What’s Done List?

ticked checkboxHow often do you review your To Do List, sigh and experience feelings of
overwhelm? If you’re like most of us, this probably happens on a regular
basis. But what about your What’s Done List? How often do you review it?
Or do you even have one?

We all know that perception is everything and if we focus our attention on
what’s done (perceived as positive) instead of what we have to do (perceived
as negative) it can boost our confidence and inspire us.
Here are 3 easy ways you can boost your confidence:

1. If you maintain your To Do List electronically, in Word for example,
create a new column where you can cut and paste or drag and drop
completed items from your To Do List into your What’s Done List
Compile for one month, date and print your page. 3-hole punch and file
it in your Success Binder (or duotang).

2. If you don’t have a formal To Do List you can still recognize your
successes by documenting each one on a note card
. Keep one card per
week and accumulate over the course of a year. Make sure each card is
dated for the current week and add one line for each new accomplishment
that week. File your cards in your Success (recipe) Box.

3. If you use a white board, it’s a great way to view your accomplishments
up front and centre
. Erase each completed task from your To Do List and
transpose it to your What’s Done List. Take a digital photo weekly to
document and file in your Success (photo) Album.

Compile your What’s Done Lists over the course of a year and review
regularly. Whatever method you use, I suggest reviewing your What’s Done
Lists weekly and you’ll be amazed at how much you’re accomplishing
. For
instance, Friday or Monday prior to planning your next week of To Do’s, take
some time to review and celebrate your successes.

Your What’s Done List can also serve another purpose. By tracking all the
small steps that add up to the completion of one larger task, you have just
created a process. Document this process for your future use or for a
Virtual Assistant to follow if you decide to outsource this task later on.

Yes, it feels great to cross things off a To Do List but it feels even better
to recognize a growing list of What’s Done. Honour where you are now as
opposed to where you want to be. It won’t be long before your To Do List is
nothing compared to your What’s Done List.

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