Generating Traffic With Blog Carnivals

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What is a Blog Carnival? It is a collection of blog posts on a specific topic. Editions of carnivals typically come out on a regular basis. You can either read and contribute to a blog carnival or you can organize and/or host a blog carnival on your own blog/website.

Contributing to a blog carnival is a great way to get more readers to your blog via a link from the carnival back to your site and the article you submitted.

By hosting a blog carnival you will attract visitors to your blog/website by providing a high quality and quantity of related content.

Here’s what to do to contribute a blog post to a blog carnival:

1. Choose a blog article to share, and note its Permalink URL

2. Browse through the carnivals here and choose a carnival you’d like to submit to (sort by ‘Latest Edition’ to find current active blog carnivals relevant to your topic)

3. Click on the name of the carnival to see its profile page, description and guidelines

4. Click on the ‘submit an article’ link for your chosen carnival, complete the form and submit for inclusion in the next edition

5. Record blog carnival submission site info within a spreadsheet to track blog titles submitted and submission dates just as you would when submitting your articles to the article marketing directories

You will receive an email thanking you for your submission and another announcing when your submission has been included.

After you have participated in a few blog carnivals, you might like to trying organizing and/or hosting your own. Read all about carnival administration here.

Blog carnivals are always looking for great blog articles, and there is a carnival for almost every topic. It drives traffic to your site and the best part – it’s f’ree!

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