Free Graphics Tools You Can Use


There are many tools that I use on a regular basis that help to get the job done faster, easier and better. If you work with graphics, here are some free tools you may already be aware of. If this is something new for you, you might want to check out the following:

“Resize Your Image”

*Just as the site name indicates, go here to resize your image online in 3 easy steps. Simply upload your image or photo, use the buttons to set the size, download and save. You can also crop and rotate your image and or use to decrease the size of a large file for emailing purposes.


*For free and some paid images (photos, illustrations) that are perfect for use in ezines, sales pages, etc. You need an account to download the full size images, but the account is free.


*Create a logo or website header with this free image manipulation program you can download and install. It does take a while to learn this program well but YouTube has several tutorials.  You can also get a free resources list and content-rich video recording from my friend, Angela Wills here.  Angela shares some very simple graphic techniques using GIMP that will allow you to create professional and useful graphics.

If figuring out new tools and software programs is not for you and you would prefer to outsource these types of tasks, give me a call. I’d love to help you with your graphic needs!

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