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Do you want to make your website stand out from the rest? There’s a neat little tool that can help you do this and it’s called the FavIcon Generator.

A FavIcon is defined as a favorites icon. Go to Facebook, CNN or Google and you’ll notice the little blue and white ‘f’ image for Facebook, the red and white ‘CNN’ or the blue and white ‘g’ for Google. That little image is the FavIcon. Depending on your browser, you’ll see the image on the tab next to the name of the site or in the address bar. The image also shows up in your bookmarks list next to the site name and makes sites easy to identify and select.

It only takes a few minutes to create and set it up. Visit the FavIcon Generator website and follow the steps to create and set up a favicon on your site. If you’re working with a WordPress website there are instructions for installing a Favicon in WordPress here.

Make your website more prominent with your very own FavIcon!

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