Don’t Waste Your Time! Here’s One Simple Tool To Help You Succeed

online stopwatchDo you need help staying on task? Simply set a timer. I like Online Stopwatch which has Stop Watches and Count Down timers. The Count Down timers work great when you want to work on a project for a fixed amount of time without going over, because we always seem to be surprised with how fast time flies! (Make sure your speakers are on for the alarm.)

This fun little tool has many options with various features. You can download their cool stopwatch and countdown timers for free, customize sounds and pre-set timers ready to use. For example, there’s no ignoring the ‘Bomb Countdown’ timer. It continues to explode until you hit ‘Clear’. There’s a Metronome to help you keep the beat (great for musicians and music teachers)! ‘Light’ a candle and watch it burn with the Candle Timer or use the Cash Clock timer to see just how much you are earning.

Online Stopwatch is adding new timers all the time – so keep checking back. But don’t waste time playing!

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