Don’t Look Like A Spammer – The Truth About Unnecessary Punctuation

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I participated in a teleclass not long ago about newsletters and the most common mistakes being made. I’d like to share an important tip with you.

Did you know that it is unnecessary to use punctuation (for example inserting * or ^) in words such as ‘free’ ?

We think we are avoiding our emails landing in someone’s junk folder, but reworking words like ‘free’ and ‘money’ could actually trigger spam filters rather than prevent them.

I was also surprised to learn that when these punctuated words appear in the subject line of your email your readers could perceive this as trickery and not open your email. It can also make your messages look unprofessional.

Be straightforward with your readers, avoid manipulating words in your emails and get better results from your newsletter and marketing messages!

Image courtesy of Michal Zacharzewski, SXC

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