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You communicate with your list frequently, have a few websites, numerous products in your shopping cart and you’re doing promotions for quarterly program launches.  You want someone who knows all of the steps to creating a product and can ensure that tasks and projects are being completed and delivered in a timely fashion, the team is happy and motivated and systems are running smoothly and efficiently so you can focus on creating and servicing your clients.

This package is for those that need all or most of the business management support I offer.  Here’s a sampling of some of what this package can include:

– Taking a bunch of things off your plate that you don’t need to continue to do so you can focus where you need to (i.e. new product creation)
– Making sure everything is getting tasked out in your project management tool
– Getting to know the team and what they do and ensuring everyone knows their expectations
– Communicating with the team and making sure they are happy and motivated and have everything they need to complete and deliver tasks and projects in a timely fashion
– Laying out what processes need to be documented and ensuring we get processes in place
– Managing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) on a regular ongoing basis
– Helping to plan and execute your marketing for maximum effectiveness and to contribute to your bottom line
– Monitoring all the details and moving pieces leading up to and after a launch

(Due to the high volume of work involved, I will typically work with only 1 or 2 clients at this level at one time in order to be able to give your work the amount of attention it deserves.)

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