Are you a SASSY Networker?

BACD logoTeresa Shaver, Executive Director for Business Advisory Centre of Durham (BACD) was a recent guest speaker at a small business networking event I attended. Her presentation entitled “We’re Connected!” discussed how networking impacts your life and business.

Teresa made a lot of interesting points throughout her talk and one of the takeaways for me was her use of the acronym SASSY. This strategy works two-fold. If you tend to easily forget names, this technique will help you to remember them and if you struggle with what to say or do when approaching someone new, don’t freeze up, think SASSY!

S = SHAKE their hand

A = ASK their name

S = SAY their name

S = SPELL their name

Y = YOU – Use their name in a ‘you’ statement i.e. “Pleased to meet you, %$firstname$%”

Try it at your next event. And if you’re local to Durham Region, why not check out the BACD. They offer information and support to small business owners including workshops and one on one consulting.

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