Client Testimonials

We asked our clients about their experience working with Alternate Admin, and this is what they had to say…

Aprille Janes“Jen is a detail-oriented assistant who is self-motivated and willing to go the extra mile to ensure a job is well done. I can completely trust that any assignment I give her will be complete and thorough. She is willing to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions when needed.”

Aprille Janes, CPCC
Creative Light and Power

Corey McCusker“Before working with Jennifer I was struggling with organization and scheduling of my newsletter and marketing. I seemed to be all over the map juggling many things at once. I needed a plan to keep me focused. Jennifer provided me with strategies, templates and guidelines to map out and manage my marketing and to plan my newsletter publishing schedule. Lots of great tools for me to apply! Jennifer asked great questions and provided excellent suggestions on business solutions and ideas to generate more business. I’m looking forward to being able to integrate these into my marketing plan.”

Corey McCusker
Your Mind Matters

Elizabeth Tobin“The biggest challenge I faced in my business was doing all of the tasks needed to keep my practice running smoothly while at the same time growing my practice. I have a big vision for my practice as a pioneer in using Resonance Repatterning remote distance healing groups to facilitate personal and global transformation. I always knew that I’d have to hire help if I wanted to manifest my vision, but when the time came, I was reluctant to take that step. I went to a seminar and the presenter said “If you want to play a bigger game, you have to have a bigger team.” When I heard that I knew it was time to take a leap of faith and find a VA. Working with Jen has made a huge positive difference in my business. She is quick, thorough, accurate, and most importantly — trustworthy. I’m no longer bogged down by administrative details. Now I am able to focus on the creative projects that I love and this keeps me energized. I have more time to devote to the things that I am the expert at in my business. I’m averaging about 2 radio interviews a month, developing joint ventures, using social media and have an active affiliate program. Thanks to Jen, I am more organized, do advance planning and manage my time better.”

Elizabeth Tobin, JD
Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner

Kathryn Hotte“I was becoming bogged down with a lot of stuff and needed ideas as to how to organize it all, what to do to get everything done and if there were things someone else could do. Jennifer was able to pinpoint where I needed to focus and what I needed to do to get back on track. She was able to plan a road map, recommend other resources and provide a template to get me going with a schedule right away. In addition, she encouraged and reminded me of why I am an entrepreneur to begin with and that it’s not only about planning my business time, it’s also about planning family time and personal time, if you don’t take care of ‘you’ then you don’t have a business. Overall a really great service for anyone wishing to get back on track, get some great tools and resources and reassess their priorities. Highly recommend it.”

Kathryn Hotte
President/Chief Learning Officer, Hotte Training
Owner/President, EZparty
Director Marketing, Durham Home & Small Business Association

Linda Cattelan“Jennifer Hazlett has been my Virtual Assistant since January 2010. During this time Jennifer has been instrumental in driving my visibility and business performance to new levels. A highly organized and efficient VA, Jennifer looks for opportunities to make you and your business as efficient as possible. She works alongside you getting to know you and your business needs utilizing her creativity to encourage you to try new things or to step outside the box from time to time. I appreciate the recommendations she has made, her depth of administrative and organizational knowledge and the tremendous support she has provided me. I am an advocate and a champion of Jennifer and her diverse skills and services. Through a co-active and collaborative partnership, she has made a significant impact and a powerful difference in my business.”

Linda Cattelan, MBA, CPCC, MNLP
Professional & Life Coach, Speaker & Author
Results Catalyst Inc.

Lois Lenarduzzi“Thanks for all your hard work. You certainly take the strain and struggle out of my life when it comes to computer work. The website looks great!”

Lois Lenarduzzi
Your Creative H’Art Director
Art & Creative Play

Michael Robertson“I’ve found my VA to be a perfect fit. Jen is super: flexible, personable and a quick study. Her organizational skills are much appreciated. Her enthusiasm about our company and her work are valuable assets. I’m very pleased with the concept and the way Alternate Admin fills the bill for us.”

Michael Robertson
President, Senior Tandem Hang Gliding Instructor
High Perspective Inc.

Moya Collins“My biggest challenge that I was faced with, was having my products and knowing how I wanted to help people, but not knowing how or where to begin. I met with Jen, she asked me direct questions, I gave her honest answers and within days I had my plan of action and best of all… it came in the way of baby steps! I no longer feel overwhelmed. Now when I sit at my desk, I know how long I am to be there and what I need to accomplish. This is helping me to build my business and most importantly, allowing me more time to spend with my clients. And for that, I am ever so thankful.”

Moya Collins
Owner/Skin Therapist
Cover it up…

Nienke Young“Whew! What a relief, I can take more time to focus on where I want my energy directed. Jennifer’s work is very professional and precise.”

Nienke Young
Certified Yoga Instructor

Chef Selwyn Richards“Jennifer’s assistance has been invaluable. Her organizational skills have enabled me to focus on growing the business. She has helped tremendously in upgrading our corporate image. Jennifer is very professional and approachable and I would highly recommend her services.”

Selwyn Richards
President and Executive Chef
The Art of Catering Inc