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Jennifer Hazlett

Jennifer Hazlett set up her first “home office” at the age of 8 after her mother recognized a talent and provided her with the necessary tools to run an efficient office.

Since then organization, attention to detail, good communication and a desire to help others succeed have been the passions that allow Jennifer to serve her clients well.  In addition, a strong administrative background gained from extensive (15+ years) experience in the corporate world provided the perfect foundation on which to build her  practice.

According to Jennifer:  “Alternate Admin was created as another way for business owners to acquire the support they need without having to hire an on-site employee.  Open-minded business owners are willing to explore new ideas and try new ways of working.  They see how simple it can be to work virtually.”

JenniferHazlett Certified Online Business Manager

Jennifer has been successfully providing this type of off-site support from her office in Oshawa, Ontario since July 2006.  It has allowed Jennifer to realize her dream of working from home while continuing to do the type of work she loves, set her own schedule, be closer to her family and spend more time with them.

“Alternate Admin was created as another way for business owners to acquire the support they need without having to hire an on-site employee…”

Committed to continual development and training, Jennifer provides her clients with the expertise they need to grow their business and help them generate more revenue.  Utilizing her skills and knowledge and the latest technologies, she helps to promote and enhance the success of the small business owners that call her their “right hand”.

Jennifer understands the needs and challenges of a diverse mix of clientele, particularly Coaches and Consultants, and specializes in working within this industry and with other creative and talented entrepreneurs.  Her intention is to continue to develop and maintain long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with her clients.

Jennifer works with people who love their business and are really good at what they do and need someone to help manage the day-to-day details of running an online business. They need someone who can take a bunch of things off their plate that they don’t need to continue to do.  These are business owners who are established in their business but have become bogged down with the running of their business which is hampering their growth.  Jennifer helps manage the work and the team to get stuff done in order to support the growth of the businesses she works with.  For business owners in need of help to get their business going, growing or back on track, Jennifer offers Strategy Sessions from which customized Action Plans are created.

If you (or you know someone who) could benefit from the services Jennifer has to offer, she has openings for a select number of additional great clients.

To contact Jennifer please email ‘jen at altadmin dot ca’ [replace the ‘at’ and the ‘dot’ with the appropriate symbols, no spaces] or call 905-809-5809.


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