about us

Welcome to Alternate Admin!  My name is Jennifer Hazlett.  As a Business Support Specialist I can help you to create more time for yourself and more time to grow your business by accomplishing some of those administrative, creative and technical tasks that you have been struggling with.

Do you find yourself bogged down with the day-to-day details of running your business?  Are you spending too much time on administrative chores?  Are you looking for some help but you do not require someone on-site or full-time?  As an alternative to hiring an employee or completing the tasks yourself, Alternate Admin can carry out the administrative chores that you might not enjoy or that you don’t personally need to handle.

about our clients

Our clients are business owners like you:

  • who are overworked and overwhelmed and find they are spending too much time on administrative tasks with little or no outside assistance
  • who might not enjoy administrative work and would like to see the tasks completed quicker
  • who would like to spend more time growing their business and generating revenue
  • whose businesses are growing and they are struggling to handle the details
  • who are experiencing time management issues and are spending the majority of their time working and less time with family
  • who could be feeling ineffective since they need certain items accomplished, but do not have the skills to do these themselves

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