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A Resource For VA’s Or Business Owners Looking For One

VANA logoIf you’re a VA looking for some awesome free resources or a business owner looking to add to your team with a Virtual Assistant, be sure to visit VANA (Virtual Assistant Networking Association) for all your VA needs!

The FREE VA Resources page is full of ebooks, videos and more for Virtual Assistants. Check it out here:

When I was just starting out as a VA I found these resources invaluable and I’ve come to know VANA’s founder (Tawnya Sutherland) over the years, speaking at two of Tawnya’s telesummits and eventually meeting her in person this spring. Tawnya and her company, VANA, are one of the most committed to the VA industry that I know of today.

For business owners who could use the services of a good VA, simply fill out VANA’s “Hire a VA” form and get responses to your RFP right to your inbox. Here’s the link to post your Request For Proposal:

The Job Board is accessible to VANA members who are successful VA’s looking to connect with great clients.

I hope you are able to take advantage of one of these resources!

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