3 Ways To Remember When You Need A Break

Giving yourself a break is not a waste of time. Studies have shown that your mind and body benefit from taking a break. How?

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  • You can help to avoid computer related RSI’s (Repetitive Strain Injuries), including eye strain & headaches.
  • Your productivity and mental alertness will increase.
  • It helps you relax and brings clarity to your thoughts.

Regular rest breaks can be 5 minutes every hour, or longer and less frequent i.e. mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon. Whatever schedule you choose, however, it can be a challenge to remember.

Here are 3 break reminder methods to choose from:

1. Schedule it. The easiest way is to schedule it into your day. I use an Excel spreadsheet to plan my week using a colour coded system. Sky blue indicates "personal time" for me which includes lunch because sometimes we ‘forget’ to eat. I use a template so it doesn’t vary much from day to day and once breaks become routine, it’s easier.

2. Set a timer. Another simple way is to set a clock or timer. I like Online Stopwatch which has a countdown timer you can set. (Make sure your speakers are on for the alarm.) It also works great when you want to work on a project for a fixed amount of time without going over. You would be surprised how fast time flies! There are other freeware programs you can download and set to interrupt you at various intervals. Google ‘break reminder program’ for several options.

3. The buddy system. Another way to remember is to use the "buddy system". Have a friend call or meet with you for a walk and a chat. When you are depending on each other you will be more likely be comply.

Whether you commit to walking, meditating, reading or getting together with a friend, don’t wait to start the habit of giving yourself a break and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier more productive you!

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